Bryce Ellner, otherwise known as Ravenborn or the Iron Raven Gamer, was born in the town of Atchison in north-eastern Kansas some twenty miles from the Missouri and Nebraska border and raised a short jaunt to the north in the much smaller town of Highland. Bryce attended Highland High School (later called Doniphan West) until his graduation in 2006. Thereafter, he moved to Kansas City for a short time to study at DeVRY University for Computer Sciences, dropping out after a year to pursue new horizons related to art and business rather than coding. He has spent the past few years as cashier, a customer service clerk, morning stocker, factory floor worker, purchasing agent, and retail store manger.

Even in his earliest years, Bryce has always been a gamer at heart, his first console being the original Nintendo Entertainment System. He continued to play video games on through the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 generations, but it wasn't until the Playstation 1 came out that he developed a love for role-playing video games, citing The Legacy of Kain series as one of the most profound inspirations of his time.

His first experience with table-top role-playing games was in grade school when a fellow classmate asked him to play in a free-form 'adventure' game and write down all of the items they found along the way. This interest soon blossomed when the same classmate invited him to a sleep-over and showed him a free-form role-playing chat on Yahoo! Chat.

From there, Bryce began to spend more time on the internet, especially 'room hopping' between various role-play lounges until he was fourteen years old, when he happened upon a live session of AD&D in progress. Enamored with the aspect of playing in a structured role-playing setting with rules and dice, Bryce found a group to play with, creating a Wizard named Ged Terra (in honor of the Wizard of Earthsea, which he had been reading in school at the time).

His career in gaming has flourished since the days of yore, and he has written and developed several 'homebrew' campaigns for a variety of different table-top gaming systems, such as D&D 3.X, the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game, World of Darkness's Vampire, and many others, even going so far as to build his own role-playing systems from the ground up.

Bryce spends much of his time on his gaming, including table-top role-playing, console gaming, and PC gaming, as well as with close friends and his fiance, Acacia Richardson. When not at work, Bryce spends much of his time on his active role-playing games, as well as his latest projects which include the Ethereal Role-Playing Game system, as well as the World of Nevermore campaign setting.


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